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Free Fitting of Auto Locking Retractable Wheels £170.00 with all new F-RIB orders, if collecting from Faversham.


An example of customer service here at FRIB-SE
Ben emailed me on Tuesday asking for a FRIB 360 + launching wheels for the coming weekend for a week's holiday
Me: Out of stock but I might be able to get one by Friday
Ben: please try!
Me: Boat ready with wheels on Friday afternoon
Ben: oh no! My 15hp outboard won't run!
Me: You can borrow my 15hp Mariner outboard
Ben: (now on holiday) Been out for a couple of short trips and all good, even had a play in a fairly big swell, very impressed.

It’s had lots of interest from other people too.

Thanks ever so much for the engine, absolute life saver!

Just shy of 20kts 3 up with some kit in the Camel Estuary [photos below]


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Saltwater Angling Magazine
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[SOLD] Suzuki DF6AS 6hp 4-stroke

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The Foldable RIB (F-RIB) is...



Six sizes: 2.75m, 3.30m, 3.60m, 3.75m, 4.30 and 4.60m,

Foldable RIBs (FRIBs) make the ideal Tender, Fishing Boat, Diving Boat, Rescue Boat, Recreational Boat, Safety Boat, Sailing Dinghy. The list goes on!

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"Just wanted to confirm that all the items arrived. I fitted the boat together in the garden on Thursday and went out for a two hour engine run in this morning.

The combination of F-Rib 275 and the 6hp ticked all the boxes. Easy to handle on and off the water. The surprise was how well it rows.

Once again thanks for everything
A happy customer, kind regards


"Spent a wonderful day in the large estuary at Fowey in Cornwall yesterday. The FRIB is wonderful with many hours of battery spare at the end of our excursions."

Peter (F-RIB 330 + Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 outboard)


"Spent a wonderful day in the large estuary at Fowey in Cornwall yesterday. The FRIB is wonderful with many hours of battery spare at the end of our excursions."

Peter (F-RIB 330 + Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 outboard)


"I bought one earlier this year [Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 outboard to power his pretty 16 foot rowing boat].

It is incredible that you can travel a long way and use so little charge. One big advantage is that you do not end up with a car boot smelling of petrol and can keep it securely in your home when not in use." Richard

"Absolutely loving the FRIB.

It really is a great piece of kit.

In calm seas it clocks a consistent 20 knots 2-up with a load of fishing gear.

Have also ended up in force 6/7 seas on a

couple of occasions, which - whilst less pleasant for those on board - the boat handled well!"

Phil (F-RIB 360 + 15hp outboard)

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 20.49.04(1)

Truly impressive that the FRIB 330, Epropulsion outboard, 4 adults and all their luggage fitted in a Ford Mondeo.

On Tuesday, August 28th, a 71 year old rescued a drowning man in The Solent using one of our Aquaglide kayaks! The RNLI rescued his dog but "Luckily a gentleman of 71, I didn't get his name, came out in his kayak and dragged me to shore." Well done to Mick who bought his kayak from us just three weeks ago. More on this story here and the BBC News Link

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I'm demonstrating to a crowd at Beale Park Boat Show last year. I built the wooden rowing skiff and here it's being powered by an Epropulsion Spirit 1.0. My dog is attracting attention by howling when I sing to him quietly, "How much is that doggy in the window"!


The videos below show a fairly heavy fibreglass 16 foot rowing boat being powered by an Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 at about a 1/3 power. The battery will last three hours at this speed!

Visit this friendly and helpful

Sea Angler Magazine

Boat Review

F-RIB 360

Aquaglide Chelan Kayak

High quality inflatable kayaks from Aquaglide...

Hi Alan

Thanks for the link. It was as dramatic as they describe! My husband's name is Mick.  BBC Radio Solent are doing an interview with Mick and the guy he rescued over the phone on Monday. Mark thought he was going to drown and Mick got there in the nick of time. He was a big guy and there was no way he had the strength to get in the kayak so he just had to hold on while Mick paddled back to shore.

We've had plenty of use out of the kayak and its amazingly stable. Been in some quite choppy water with no problem. It's had a lot of good comments due to its quality and I'm so glad we went for the two man as I can easily manage it on my own in the water by adjusting the seat to the centre position.

We're looking forward to a peaceful paddle down the Medway from Yalding next week.

Would be quite happy for you to add some comments from a happy customer on your website.

Kind regards
Anita & Mick