F-RIB 275


The smallest in the F-RIB range, the F-RIB 275 is only 9 feet in length can be packed away to an impressive 2’10″x3’x1’6”

The F-RIB 275 can be assembled and inflated in less than 5 minutes with no hassle and extra parts to worry about.

These compact inflatable boats have a rigid fibreglass hull making them very resistable to wear and tear.

Boats which are this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB. With the solid GRP hull the F-RIB provides superior ride and comfort over other inflatable boats. Be- cause of the unique foldable concept of the hull, the F-RIB is able to be packed, stored and carried like a normal inflat- able boat.

The F-RIB 275 is a perfect tender for all motor- boats and sailing yachts. With minimal dimensions these boats are easily stored in a car boot, cockpit locker or tender garage. You can also leave the boats on deck in the packing bag.

F-RIB 275