The FRIB Models

The FRIB is a solid hull Rigid Inflatable Boat that can be folded up to for easy storage and transportation. There are five sizes of FRIB available, plus a sailing version. The smallest FRIB is 2.75m (9 foot), the largest 4.6m (15 foot). All fold away to about one third of their operational size.

The rigid V-shaped hulls make the FRIBs extremely directionally stable and seaworthy with sufficient buoyancy even in rough sea conditions. The solid GRP hull provides directional stability and a fast, comfortable ride. The tubes with up to 4 chambers are made from a tough, UV durable PVC (Mirasol 1100 g/sqm.)

FRIBs are suitable for all types of boating and pack down to a size that is easily carried in a car, boat or caravan. The FRIB is a space saver that removes the need for paid storage or a trailer. Space-saving in a motorhome to take anywhere!

Using smaller, lighter engines, the FRIBs are fast, economical, safe and fun to use with assembly being achievable in 5 minutes. Easy to row, safe and fast with an engine making them perfect for use as a leisure boat on all waters.

These features combine to make FRIBs lighter, more compact and versatile than any other RIB.

Two New Models!

Discontinued F-RIB 275 Sail
F-RIB 430 £3,995.00
F-RIB 275   £2,195.00   See more


F-RIB 330   £2,695.00   See more


F-RIB 360   £2,995.00   See more


F-RIB 375 £3,295.00  See more


F-RIB 460   £3,800.00   See more


Discontinued F-RIB 460Sail